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COVID-19 Alert - WA Surgery Advice

We at WA Surgery treat the risk of COVID-19 very seriously. Safety of our patients and staff is our priority. To ensure that we have various policies and procedures in place.

Dear patients,

It is really important that we all continue to follow Government recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 such as practicing good hygiene, keeping a physical distance, and other advice. In our practice, we have ensured that all Government recommendations are followed.

As you all will be aware that the Federal Government has suspended all routine elective surgeries and endoscopy at public and private hospitals throughout Australia except for Category 1 and Urgent Category 2 cases effective from Tuesday 31st March 2020.  This decision will free-up resources such as hospital capacity and protective equipment that may be required to deal with an expected increase of coronavirus patients.

Midst the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic:
* Mr Bhandari is offering consultations for new referrals and follow up of existing patients. Please call (08) 62770221 or email: contact@wasurgery.com.au for organising a Telehealth appointment.
* Mr Bhandari is currently performing urgent elective and emergency surgery in the private sector.

For more information on COVID-19 outbreak, please visit:
Thank you for your understanding and support.

WA Surgery


Telehealth is a secure and easy way to connect with Mr. Bhandari. It is done via videoconference over the internet.

Preparing for your appointment:
You will receive a letter and/or an email confirming the appointment time.
In the appointment letter there will be clear instructions on how to get ready for the appointment.  

If you still have questions, make sure you contact one of our secretaries before your appointment.

Frequently asked questions
What does it cost?
What if I prefer face to face consultation?
What equipment do I require?
How secure and private is telehealth?
What if I am not familiar with technology?

What does it cost?
Mr Bhandari’s consultation fee will be outlined in his telehealth appointment letter.
If dialling in from home Telehealth will use some of your download internet capacity.

What if I prefer face-to-face consultation?
Telehealth can be part of your care plan, but only if you want it to be. You can always choose to see a clinician in person.

What equipment do I require?
Access to a reliable internet connection
A suitable/Smart device (smartphone, iPad, Laptop/desktop computer) with camera, microphone and speakers
A private comfortable area
If you do not have access to this equipment – we can arrange a telephonic consultation

How secure and private is telehealth?
The service is secure and confidential, and your information is kept private.

What if I am not familiar with technology?
If you are not familiar with the technology, please call our office and one of our staff will happily guide you through.

Please call (08) 62770221 or email: contact@wasurgery.com.au for organising a Telehealth appointment.

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